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Prisma, the turn-your-photos-into-paintings app that’s been blowing up over the past few weeks , is now launching on Android in full form. That means you no longer need a beta invite , and can download it straight off the Google Play Store

Of course, Prisma is far from the first app to try to make your photos look like painted or drawn artwork. The difference here is its use of artificial intelligence makes the images look much more like they were created by actual humans than a simple algorithms.

Prisma’s co-founder shared some stats about the app in the short time it’s been available:

The Android app has all the same features as the iOS version, including over 30 filters and support for either taking a new photo or choosing existing ones from your gallery.

Video support – which the company has already demo’d – will launch in about “a week or so.” Prisma tells us live video support is also planned for the near future, but isn’t ready to provide more specifics.

Interestingly, Prisma says it’s going to delete the least popular styles “while adding a lot of cool new ones.” Some people will likely be sad to see some filters go, but we’d rather have a gamut of high-quality filters, so kudos to Prisma for cutting the weight.

You can Download Prisma from the Play Store now

Prisma on Google Play Store

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